Tuesday, December 21, 2010


A long over due write up about a fabulous night that lasted for an hour!

A musician of its kind, in a feathered hat with a splendid coat.. definitely took my breath away..

It had been a while since I “danced” the night away.. and was hoping this could be one of them..

Here’s how it went.. Awesome music, to a point where baffled young people were  jumping all around the frog!

Here’s the catch, Rs.1000 for the entry and no cover charge! Fair enough. 
 We’re going to be Shhpponnngled tonight! 

And then. He plays for only an hour..something like Jethro tull meets Karunesh id like to think.. towards the last few tracks. Just when we thought it was going to rise up. He stops. Just stops. 

And a  DJ(quite famous I might add) I don’t really recall his name right now, comes up to play.No doubt he’s good. Fabulous in fact. Got the crowd moving in less than a second. 

But hey! I didn’t come here to watch you play. Naturally, I had to do something about it! (no offense)

After a quick word with Mr. Simon Posford, I got to know.. that  “they” wouldn’t let HIM play!!!!

Now, folks.. Are we really cool with “them” not letting an international artist who’s in town for a day, who we paid a grand each to watch perform and connect with, not play for more then an hour!?!?!?
Let’s think about that one! The next time we get our hopes up and ahem, spirits, all geared up for a perfect show, shall we? 

still love you shponglee!! it was a very entertaining evening ;)

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