Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The festival of the century!!

Hats off! bravo! congratulations! whatever it takes to express my awesomeness for a festival so brilliant!

8 stages.don't ask about the genres of music.beautiful people. and a variety of alcohol. :D 

where do i begin.. let's go with the stages!

Each stage was like an experience of its own.. the Dewarists with its cushioned seating and brilliant stage set up.. Sound traveling through your mind and all through your spine.. while you lie in the glory of the sun sipping on your long island!

The bacardi black rock arena.. where you can jump around,head bang, have a mosh pit if you please! do what you like! as long as your having a blast and not hurting anyone! 

hard rock cafe  and a few others.. you get a bit ahem, altered at these things, you see.. and with a memory like my own! you cant help but not remember the most important things! 

However, an experience none the less, must be shared!!! so, all of you who missed it know how very bad you should feel!!! and know, in your hearts and mind and soul or whatever is you possess, that YOU SHOULD BE THERE THE NEXT TIME!! 

From Gareth to the Mavyns, from Circus to the Swarathma..the notes kept flowing to feul up your soul.. 

A surprise act by Alisha & Alisha, got me wound up in awe! imagine if it wasnt a surprise? if they had only a little more time to practice?  ahhh!! we could've listened to soo much more! NH7 ppl, are you listening?!

The magic numbers!!! OH! how i wished they'd play longer!

Medieval Pandits & Asian dub foundation found us literally off the floor.
(i am soo not exaggerating)   

The after party, with DJ Klute! stunning! its great that that was the only stage left open. where all musicians come together under one roof! it was almost surreal! 

There's so much more.. So much more to describe.. to relate to.. 
if only i wrote this at the time when i was there!  fear not! there shall be more!!

In the mean time! keep listening to all that you can! LIVE MUSIC IS THE BEST  THING THAT HAPPENED TO MANKIND!  :D

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